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Montara Plus Buds IEM Reference Design (REF-XSM-2400-CA)

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Featuring Montara Plus full-range MEMS speaker (XSM-2400-S) and Aptos2 amplifier (XAA-2000). Montara Plus is the ideal full-bandwidth transducer for an IEM reference design that delivers sound pressure levels up to 120 dB @ 200 Hz. This USB-C IEM design embeds a hi-res audio DAC from Synaptics and a voice microphone for phone call and web support. 

Furthermore, Montara Plus’ lightning-fast transient response and wide bandwidth (20Hz to >40kHz) achieve the highest fidelity and clarity in a simplified, single speaker IEM, creating a path to smaller, lighter, simpler IEM designs without the phase alignment and design complexities of multi-driver IEM implementations.

  • USB-C interface to sound source
  • EQ profile embedded

All design files (acoustic, mechanical, electrical) are available upon request with purchase of this product.