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Harding 2-way TWS reference design (REF-XSC-2100-HA)

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Featuring xMEMS Cowell MEMS tweeter (XSC-2100) and Aptos2 amplifier (XAA-2000), to deliver superior high-frequency response and clarity.

The Harding 2-way TWS earbud design delivers superior high-frequency response and clarity featuring Cowell, the world’s smallest solid-state micro speaker. Cowell serves as the tweeter for highly realistic mids and highs and is paired with a custom-designed 9-mm dynamic driver woofer that delivers thumping bass. This ANC-ready (Active Noise Canceling) design embeds a Qualcomm Bluetooth Audio SoC and three microphones per earbud for noise canceling.

All told, Harding is a turn-key ODM design that’s fully integrated with all the needed components and expertly tuned acoustics to enable a seamless transition from legacy coil speakers to all-silicon micro speakers in TWS earbuds.

  • Delivers thumping bass with custom-designed 9mm DD woofer
  • Achieves startingly realistic mids & highs with Cowell tweeter
  • Qualcomm QCC5171 TWS SoC

All design files (acoustic, mechanical, electrical) are available upon request with purchase of this product.